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How come there are no pictures of Asian or African angels?
All I ever see is White Caucasian angels, and most are Male, Why?
You have a problem with us Cauc's?
Why Asian guys think Latinas R sexy mermaids, White girls R beautiful angels, & Arab girls R gentle flowers?
.....why us Asian men always have to take the hard route to win the heart of the woman we love ? It seems like we have to turn ourselves into deep sea divers to reach those beautiful Hispanic mermaid ladies, or aviators to chase those Caucasian female angels in the sky, or dessert horsemen to find our kind heart Arabic dessert floral maidens in distress. Why why why must it be so hard for a lonely Asian male to find love ?
Right! I am a beautiful rose!
Anything else?
Was Farrah Fawcett the asian one in Charlies Angels?
i'm sad she died. I know Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz were in the movie charlies angels, and people told me Farrah Fawcett was too. was she the asian one then?
No. That was Steve Guttenberg.
Are Asian girls really all this inhibited in the bedroom?
I find most German men like Thai girls best. But just why? Most Thai girls I have met are very modest and upright.
My BF told me that he once had a Thai GF who asked him to ejaculate on her hair and then shampoo her beautiful hair.
I wonder if a German girl will permit all this.
Is it true that most Asian girls are angels in public but whores in the bedroom?
Hehe, interesting set of questions... and at least one even more interesting though somewhat less than diplomatic answer.

Anyway, E. Asian women are generally petite and feminine, their cultures do value the publiv appearance of modesty. This doesn't mean they are super modest and prudes for real. Just that they were raised to act that way in public. When with friends or in private they are just like anyone else. Can be just as shy or nasty as any girl anywhere. Not necessarily more so BUT it might seem that way if she is extra sweet n shy in public because of the contrast.

There might be some of that "catholic school girl" thing going on though where they have been living a pretty strict overprotected homelife and cant wait to act out a bit once they are in a situation where they can and trust their guy wont think bad of them for it...

My girl likes sex... and I cant keep my hands off of her. That doesn't make her a whore, there are actually a lot of things she wont do but I put up with that because Im head over heels for her and what she is willing to do shes better at then any girl Ive ever been with...

As to the semen shampoo? I've heard its good for your hair n skin. But no girl Ive ever been w has asked for that treatment. LOL... We do take showers together and I love to help wash her long beautiful hair though... with regular shampoo.

There is a lot of stereotyping going around out there. I do like Asian women, Im white, speak Mandarin pretty well and spend a ton of time in Asia for work... I dont think I have yellow fever though some of my friends would laugh and disagree, none of them would ever compare me to one of those weird stereotyping fetishists though. Honestly you should watch anything where people say "Most" of any group of people are like this...

BTW all those stereotypes about them being submissive are so much crap its hillarious.. Any guy who gets into a real relationship with an Asian girl expecting that will be vry surprised... He'll prolly still be a happy man though.
Why are angels almost invariably depicted according to the Aryan ideal?
You know, blonde hair, blue eyes.

Are there no Middle-Eastern, Asian, oriental or black angels?
The Middle East was overwhelmed with Islam. Most Bible illustrators and church painters/sculptors were European. Thus, their idealized men (angels) tended to be European-looking.

Coptic depictions of angels and Jesus make them look as middle-eastern :P.
How did the experience of most Asian immigrants at Angel Island differ from that of Europeans at Ellis Island?
It was very similar.

It was easier and quicker, as Asian immigrants were generally more well-liked.

It took longer and they were treated poorly, reflecting the widespread bias against Asians.

It was very similar, although it did take longer.
It took longer and they were treated poorly, reflecting the widespread bias against Asians.

I just took this test and got this answer right.

Hope this helps.
Why do Asian women want to be white women?
I am a former black man who became a dark skinned black woman who became a light skinned black woman who became a brown skinned asian woman.
As an asian woman I find white women look just like angels and have pretty retty nails. I love pink skin and I want to be so pale I can hide in snow.
Why do I want to be pretty retty white girl?
They dont want to be white women they just want to steal white men.
Why are there so few Asian in the entertainment industry?
I can think of a handful of Asian actors and singers in Hollywood yet they are nothing compared to the large portions of white and Latino and black entertainers. Most Asian are cast to play the stereotype. Let's think of it. Not everyone does martial arts in Asia. Most Asian-American are fluent in English. Why are there so few Asian in the entertainment industry? Why don't casting directors let an Asian play the role of a typical American, like what Lucy Liu did in Charlie's angels?
The entertainment industry is more than just actors and singers -- it includes Producers, staff, office workers, set crew, etc. I doubt that you considered this when you wrote this question. I'm also assuming you mean the U.S. entertainment industry specifically.

Coming from the entertainment industry, I can assure you that there are plenty of Asians in the white-collar areas of that industry.

In addition, while Asians are underrepresented in acting and singing, they probably are not as much as you think, and if anything, are overrepresented on news broadcasts in terms of reporters. With Asians only being a tiny percentage of the U.S. population, it's not reasonable to expect every fourth actor to be Asian, when their total population (all ethnicities combined) is probably under 10%.

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