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All Comments

People keep calling me a bum sucker or a *** licker.. how do i get back at them or not let it affect me?
i no i dont bum lick them because they are my closest friends and i dont feel threatened or the need to "*** lick" them.. please help?
Find new friends.

Have a polite day.
Will anyone caught being a fan of Hulk Hogan take offense if I refer to them as a Hogan stooge?
I mean,Hogan really sucks.The only people that seem to like him are people that think kissing his *** will get them something in return.Folks like that used to be called boot lickers.
Let's just say I put up with Hulk Hogan. I never bought into his character, not even when I was 7 years old in 1987.
Macho Man Randy Savage was a million times better at everything than Hogan has ever been and had qualities Hogan was definately lacking.
Randy Savage was my favourite in the 80s & early 90s.
All my work colleuges are now eating free BBQ and free drink this afternoon?
But I am so stubborn and said I'm not going because of the way I feel I've been treated the last year or so, like people getting promoted over me, who arn't even qualified to do the job and havent been here nowhere near as long as me,they've been fastracked because they are ****-lickers,Have you ever done anything like this before?
Good on you, they can't just give away a couple of burgers and lagers and expect you to forget about the past. I hope it rains this afternoon and spoils their fun!
Oh No!!! Here we go again.?
Well, it seems that some Christian has deleted another one of my questions without any warrant or reason. Big Surprise!!! question is: "Why are some Christians such whinny ***, fascist, *** lickers? More importantly, I would really like to know who it is that is so afraid to hear the truth about "God", to the point where they feel they must piss on my right to free speech. If there were such a place then they would surely be the one going to "Hell".
No single Christian participant here has the power to delete your questions. Only multiple credible participants in Y!A reporting your question can persuade those who run this site to delete a question.

Your free speech is not restricted when the owners of the site decide not to publish your material.

Muslim state in Yahoo?
Muslim abuse all over the place, we can't speak about their religion but they can question the "decendy" of Jesus, they don't even know their own religon or how Mohamed die, we are not able to speak here, more than 130 acounts of Christians terminated cause there is a pack censoring the place and the *** lickers of Yahoo terminating our freedom

Do we have to like Mohamed? Do we have to agree? why we can't speak and they can? 1 % of population determine what to do with the other 99 %.

Muslims cowards criers atacking in the back like your terrorist..religion of peace?, religion of hipocrites whit the ambition of rule the world.

Thumbs down Yahoo, FREEDOM, ******* FREEDOM...
Freedom..........thumbs up to you, my friend.

The best way to get your point about Islam out, is to place factual information down, and do it in such a manner as not to appear inflammatory. By no means do you have to agree with them, or what they believe.

God bless!
Dealing with favouratism In The Work Place?
How do you deal with favouratism in the work place? Its really annoying me in my current job, I.E I have worked there 3 years asked for a payrise after 2 years and got turned down, so looked another job and handed in my notice so they gave me the payrise.

Another employee who started just 6 weeks ago asked, got the payrise and is actually getting more than me now who has been there longer and more experience,, why? becuase he *** licks, hell he even got a present from the boss..

How do you deal with favouratism and *** lickers?
You suck it up, or you find another position. Sooner or later you move on or the idiot boss moves on or the "favorite" moves on. It's just one of those annoying situations that happen.
What's a really insulting, dirty comeback ?
My friend called me (as a joke);; fine **** LICKER! PENIS SUCKER. *** ******. VAGINA RUBBER!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats better than that??!
slimey s h i t-breath maggot-mouth dick-rotter pus- oozing
p u s s y
Do you think this is fair?
I have recently been 'let go' from a job I really enjoyed, because a guy on my team (**** licking the boss, who's best mate, also on the team was sh*gging the boss) made a complaint about me, for his own amuzement. He admitted to me that it was all for a laugh/joke to get me into trouble. The so-called boss and teamleaders refused to speak to me and instead of punishing the 21 yr old **** licker, they de-activated my workcard so that I couldn't even get into the building and told the agency to sack me. This is Barclays by the wonder they're shipping to India.
No it is not fair and it is infringing your human rights, the point is are you in a Union and was there a witness to back up your statement.
If people behave in this manner in the workplace chances are a similar incident has probably occurred before that you are unaware of.
Write to the local press and telephone the local radio station phone in programme, but moderate your description of the events that led to your dismissal and if you are able name names these people deserve to be exposed for what is termed workplace bullying which is illegal.
Please don't let them get away with this or they will continue with their sick behaviour.
Who hates Japanese?
It is so interesting to see Japanese businesses are goin OK in Taiwan. ( I live in Tawain )
But not in Korea.
I can say there is a good side of Japanese culture or what so ever that I can admire.
BUT still Korean tend not to get along with Japanese or purchase their stuff. literally Korean hates them.

(one of my American friend said to me that it is coming from "jealousy". Give me a break!! jealousy of what from them? being an *** licker nice smiling face with different thought underneath of them? Jealousy of what? being a sexual pervert like a Japanese guys who wants to get teen's panty for keeing it?
I argued with him so much. he doesn't want LISTEN other ppl's at all.
Yeah! Korean hates because they are jealousy of them. lol )

Maybe young generation of Japanese they don't know why Koreans hates them much. cuz they don't get a HISTORICAL FACT education!!
Why don't you get a life and live it. You are dwelling on B.S.
There are a lot more things in life to focus on, than hatred.
"hate" comes from ignorance, so i guess your the person that we should "hate" because of your ignorance toward these people.

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