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Can anyone agree latina countries appreciate a bigger booty from a women than the general American population?
I look at the models from America and it seems like the ideal beauty are skinny blonde women with a rack. When I look at models from South America they seem to be more curvy especially in the rump area. It's weird how societies have different tastes. Like in Korea in my opinion they lean more towards cuteness.
I agree
Do preppy white guys like big booty latina girls?
Just curious. I think they are more interested in the really skinny paris hilton type. Like the ones with no booty and very little chest?? I don't think they like big booty latinas. Is it just me?
In my

But that was in high, i've gotten glances and stares from white preppys. I just think that when they are young, they're stupid and naive and have this idea of white skinny "Paris Hilton"-like girls and that's the only thing they look for. But once they mature and realize what they're missing out on...that's when you know they are intelligent!
How come some latina women have a weird shaped booty?
It look wide at top and very narrow it look like a heart looks very funny
Well, believe it or not but the nicest lookin' behind I have EVER seen happened to be on a white girl, it was absolutely perfect in it's proportions and I'm not even into white women all that much.
How can I get a ghetto booty?
I want a black girl booty. I'm Latina and most of my fat goes to my stomach. I still want my waist to be kinda small though. So how can I get a ghetto booty?
haha i want a ghetto booty too :) but it's really not worth it. cuz in order to get one you would need to eat alot of bread products and french fries. and if you have a ghetto booty that's fat and not booty it'll just mean that you'll have cellulite. and cellulite is gross. plus if you have cellulite that'll mean no more bikinis or short shorts cuz honestly no one wants to see that shitt. so ghetto bootys aren't worth it.
Culturally speaking how do i get a round booty?
im white and as you know are booties arent round at all, its flat and i hate it. i wana round booty like black and latina girls have. how do i get one without cosmetic surgery? gosh i swear i hate being white sometimes :(
Fried chicken, and beans and rice.
Im latina/black but unfortunately i didn't get the booty that most of us have!?
What can I eat to get a lil more junk in my trunk without the rest of the flab following it? I don't got a flatty patty or anything , I would just like more curvaceous hips and thighs!
You cant! I havent got anything that most black girls have. Nothing, no boobs, nooooo booty, its all a stupid stereotype anyway. And you can never get that, even if u gain weight. My friend used to be slender like me but when she gained weight she still had a flat butt, it was pretty funny.

i guess could get butt implant tho, but thats a little excessive

What are some good jeans that emphasize the booty?
If you are a white girl please dont answear I know your definition of a booty is well lets just say close to a only answear if you are latina or black...
try high,small back pockets
Do Chinese girls have booty?
I mean, we know black girls have booty, and latina girls too(J LO). Even some white girls have big butts. But what about Chinese girls? Do any Chinese girls have big round butts too?

By the way, I dont mean to be racist, so please dont be racist in any way as well.
Female Chinese pirates have lots of booty.

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