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Female squirt?fake?
ok i come across with a site that seZzzz "they just put water on the female's V so they can squirt on a porn movie..is it true that girs do squirt?
It's not fake doll when its done right.
Where do i learn techniques to make women squirt (female ejaculation)?
I saw it in some movie and thought it was fake first but apparently some women can do it and i want to learn some techniques that i can use on my girlfriend :P
I found this site to be very helpful especially the videos.
Is female ejaculate for real or is this just urine being released?
I saw this in a movie once.
Can girls really squirt or is this just staged peeing?
Oh its real...some women are more 'prone' to do it.

Ive done it once or twice...it was in a really hot situation. The only way I knew I did it (the spray/squirt of distance) was because my man was not inside me at the time, he was doing other things with me and saw it happen. He was really excited.

I think that may be the case..its fluid that is released during excitement, that is why women get wet. I guess it depends on how strong of a push or release she can get to make it go across the room.
Female ejaculation (squirting)- true or fake?
I would like to know if it is true or fake?
I know women have orgasms but shooting juices and squirting I don't know if anyone have seen it in real life (not in porn movies) or has that experience herself?

If it is true, how can one get to experience squiring?
Honey,it's very real.The pornos just glamorize it.But it really does happen.It first happened to me when i was 17,it was very awkward,and I thought I peed on the guy,but he was a little older than me,so he knew what was happening already.What you definitely have to do is pee before you have sex,(if you feel the urge.)if you have a partner,he has to take his time and be gentle with it.Have him insert his fingers,(or whatever makes you feel comfortable),palm up until he reaches your g-spot,and have him massage it.It usually doesn't take long if he knows what he's doing.But if you don't have a partner,do the same thing,just with your fingers or a toy.HAPPY CAMPING!;)
Is squirting natural ?
i came to know that squirting (female ejaculation) is not found largely. at orgasm, females emit sm juices, but they remain inside and a lil amount comes out. wht abt sm xxx movies which show females ejaculating so strongly !? is it real or fake ? is it true tht sm females ejaculate and squirt across d room ?
there are several porn movies dat misguides and i think to saw one of them....
As a female, do you like Quentin Tarantino movies and why (Are there any guys who don't like his movies)?
I think that superficial people like his movies. They are full of thugs, guns, violence and revenge. How is that for an enjoyable storyline? Do you think I care who really did the crime, or which murderer gets to keep the money? When you show blood squirting everywhere and prostitutes getting shot at, is that supposed to make me laugh or get a thrill? I don't understand how critics give his movies higher ratings than great classics of this decade, like The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Coraline, Shrek, and other creative movies. The only reason that I see his movies is because loser guys that are trying to date me sit me down and make me watch these pieces of crap.

In fact, I have to say, all the biggest losers I have ever made friends with have at some point or another practically shoved one of his movies down my throat.
I think that they appeal to male aggression, and are completely aimed towards men. The next guy that recommends one of his ugly movies to me, I swear I am going to hit him in the face with it, then Frisbee it the other way, pull out a gun and shoot the DVD in mid-air. !

If you are female and like his movies, please let me know why?
If you are a guy, and like his movies, please don't ever try to date a girl and give her "True Romance" or some crap. Why oh why do these movies exist? They are ugly, and I am tired of men "recommending" them to me. If movies mirror our inward culture, then we must be pretty bad people as a whole for picking these seedy, disturbing movies.

Are there any men who dislike his movies?
I am a female and I love Quentin Tarantino movies. I like that they are so different from all of the other pieces of crap in production. I also like that most of his movies story lines are in weird a order. Like maybe he'll start at the end then skip to the beginning, go to the middle, back to the beginning, and then the end.
Serious question about female orgasm. Girls only answer please!?
When my wife and I are intimate, she always stops me right before she orgasms. She can never orgasm during intercourse but usually only while I'm using my hands. I can always tell right when she's getting ready to because her whole body gets really tense and then she makes me stop. On the few occasions where she's let me keep going she will squirt (not a lot like in the movies but a fair amount. I assume that when she does this, this is her orgasm.) This is partially my confusion. Why is she making me stop? Would that not be what she is going for and enjoying like a guy does? Please, only female answers to this question. I am looking for good input and not a bunch of jokes from guys who think they know what they are talking about!
For a woman it is a very overwhelming feeling, and maybe she just doesn't know how to deal with it. If she isn't really making you stop try to keep going until she reaches orgasm. I doubt she will be mad at you for it. Maybe she's embarrassed because she "squirts" as you put it. Make her feel comfortable by talking to her about it.

Also, how do you know that when she tells you to stop she hasn't already reached orgasm? Does her body get tense and then kind of collapse? If so, guess what? She came, and after orgasm a woman can be VERY sensitive down there & might not want you to continue doing the same thing you were doing to get her there. Make sense? As a woman you don't have to physically "squirt" to have had an orgasm. As a matter of fact I don't think I've ever "squirted" although I have reached orgasm. It just depends I guess, talk to her. She's the only one that can really answer this question for you.

Good Luck!
Can a woman have female ejaculation?
i know ive done it but guys seem to think theres going to be a hell of a lot of squirting - is that for real or is it just in the prorn movies ? i know a girl who pees whilst having sex so that thye think shes doing it
I definatetly agree, porn does give men the wrong idea of squirting, my husband happens to have a little fetish when it comes to squirting,but I havent mastered that yet (and dont really care for it) I just hate how he constantly pressures me into squirting like the girls in porn do (which is like so many feet in the air!) It is possible but I think it just takes tons of practice if you want to achieve what those girls do.
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here are some of my:
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You may have heard of these, or made them, this is only for fun...

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I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out.

Having sex at 80 is like trying to play Billiards with a rope, instead of a stick!!!.
Very graphic and I know wrong section?
Hey Ladies,

I know im posting this in the wrong section but I thought Id get more answers since most of us here are women. Ok so here is my question.

Today my hubby and I were fooling around and he decided to get out some toys and use them on me and he got me soooo worked up that I literally made the bed so wet... Now my question is, is it pee or female ejaculation? I went pee before we fooled around so I dont think it is pee but can it be? I seen many movies where girls can squirt like crazy but didnt think it was possible until today, I swear it almost hit the dresser... I feel kinda embarrassed about it cause im not sure if that is really suppose to happen, Has anyone else had this before?? Please tell me it isn't pee and it is "normal"
Sorry TMI but I had to ask...
Too funny.. the first time this happened to me my boyfriend (now husband) stopped and asked if I peed on him. It was so embarrassing. I asked my gyno, as I trust him and he told me its completely normal. Its female ejaculation just like yuou thought. many woman are ashamed of it, but damn it feels so good and is so normal. Once your man realizes what is going on he'll aim everytime to make this happen.

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