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How was your first time gay experience?
I would like to have mine soon but I am also very nervous. So I thought that maybe I could learn something from the first time sex experience of other gay guys. I am also a bit afraid because I heard those stories that it hurts the first time and so on,... It would be great if the first time turns out to be a fantastic experience. How to do it?
Jason it depends on the dude that your with if he takes it easy and slow and allows you to enjoy the experiance it could be good. or a guy that is rough and causes you pain could totally ruin it for you.

How can i ensure my safety and privacy when going to gay bar first time?
i want to know how i can get over myself and just commit to going to a gay bar and experiment with guys for the first time. how can i ensure safe, and pleasurable play?
Take somebody with you for your first time, just for some support, and safety in numbers. Make sure people know where you are and when you should be back. Keep your cell phone on you. Make sure you always keep an eye on your drink, and be sure to have condoms, just in case. Have fun, good luck!
How was the first time you went to a gay club?
I just got home from my first gay club and I was amazed at how different i thought it would be. There was a strip contest and the bartenders were all in underwear. It was amazing!! Of course when i first went in I felt really uncomfortable. How was your first time?
The first time I EVER went to a club was a gay bar. Honestly I had a blast. I have been to numerous straight clubs and gay clubs since then and I have to say I think the gay clubs have better music, nicer people, and in all honesty better prices on drinks.
What should i do for the first time having gay sex?
I am a male that is gay and i am going to have my first time with a boy on monday. is there anything i should know? How should i start?
if its your first time i would just suggest oral. just get access to a bedroom or somewhere private. lay on the bed and start making out. feel your hand towards his crotch, and see how he reacts. if he agrees, then start kissing his neck. then down to his chest, his torso, then his... if you decide to get into annul after that make sure you use lube and condoms and LUBE!!!!!! dont worry about inexperience, its more fun when you dont know what your doing
Need some advice about first time gay sex?
my boyfriend and I want to have sex
this is my first time, I'm a complete virgin lol
he on the other hand is older and MUCH more experienced.

anyway.. he wants to be the bottom.. so i was wondering, is there anything i need to know about how to top? I guess it looks pretty self explanatory but yeah, any tips would be good.
Relax and don't rush as it's not a race. Make sure you are safe and he is the person you really want to do it with. Lots of foreplay.
What was your first time in a gay bar like?
Do you remember going to a gay bar for the first time? I remember being very self conscience, imagining everyone was staring at me. I think I was expecting something from another planet but the 'worst' thing I saw was some guy trying to give another guy head on the dancefloor.

How bout you?
Yes, I was so naive. Nobody talked to me at all...I decided to get a I ordered my soda and saw these box-type things in different areas of the bar. I decided to sit down on one and started sipping my drink watching the guys go by. Next thing I know, a good looking guy in a slinky pair of undies came up and starting talking to me...I never caught on until he said to me, "Well, I better get to work now, would you excuse me so I can get up here and dance." I was mortified...I didn't even know that was where he was going to dance...I just thought he was some sort of cocktail waiter.
How should i find my first time gay partner? and Who?
I have found out that i was gay for about 5 years now (i am 23 now), but had no experience whatsoever so far.
If i want to experience, so how should i find the right person? and who should i look for?
sleep with a chick, if you still think you are gay, then maybe try a gay bar.
Tell me about your first time gay or bisexual sexual experience.?
I looking to have my first time, so tell me how it happened and how did you feel after wards?
Embarassing. Definetly not amazing.

I left, I need more practice!
What was it like and when was your first gay TIME(sex)?
When and what was it like to have your first gay or lesbian sex? Also where can you get good goth clothes
I haven't had sex, but I kissed a girl one time, and it was wonderful.
How was your first time (gay or bi guys only)?
Im a guy and i never did anything with a guy before because i was always a little shy. So when he stuck his d*ck up your butt, did it hurt? What or how did u feel? Details plz!
Me and him were sitting on his bed talking about....well, i forgot. But anyway, we started kissing and we had done like hand jobs and blow jobs, but never anal. He said he wanted to try it, and I was a little curious to how it felt too, so I decided to try it. Well, after we were horny, naked, and of course, lubed up, he started playing with my hole. God! It felt so good. He told me to get on all fours, and he stuck his dick in my hurt like hell. I actually started crying. But, after a while, it started to get better, and after a few times, it was felt amazing!

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