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Do gay men get more turned on by the thought of a straight man sucking their cock?
I'd like to try some same-sex pleasuring.. preferably a handjob or a ******* if I'm comfortable.. Any tips for approacing a gay man about this? Thanks...
I'm not MORE turned on if the guy is straight, but ANYONE doing it turns me on, straight or gay. If the guy is gay and you approach him, just be yourself and flirt a little. You will be able to tell right away if he is interested.
Can I ask a question for gay men?
Do the majority of gay men enjoy sucking off their partners?

Especially when compared to straight women?


(Sorry for the crass way of wording but when I use technical language Y!A deletes my question!!!???)
think about it dear... a man knows what a man likes best,,, it makes perfect sense... that's one of the reasons homosexuality is normal and natural...
My mum says all gay men can't do well in their studies. What do you think?
I am 24, male. Recently I decided to go back to College after working for a while . ( I have saved enough money for school fees)

I have 2 offers from different universities. They are both called
Associate degree of Arts (Translation ) . I have made appointments with the course coordinators because I still have questions about the course structure of both courses. However, my mum says I should go to a fortune-teller to decide which school I should go. I feel angry because I think this is unscientific and suspestitious . Then my mum lost temper to me . Then she says " Only gay men ignore fortune tellers when they try to make important decisions. All gay men suck! I have never known any gay men can complete a university course . I am sure you will drop out in your course! All gay men are losers and they all can't do well in their univsersity studies." Then she threw things at me and says " All gay men go to hell. Now I am not your mum anymore because I suspect you are gay. i hate you so much Yuck! "

I feel very angry with her words. How do you think of my mum?
I think your mum is a bigoted, narrow-minded, superstitious, ignorant woman, whose opinion means nothing. I'd be willing to bet money she's never knowingly met a real, live gay man in her life. So her assertion that gay men are "losers" who can't do well in their university studies is just pure malicious ignorance.

And since she's already decided she's not your mum anymore because she thinks you're gay -- you don't have to pay any attention to her idiotic, superstitious opinions. Do what YOU think is best and ignore her.

And when you graduate from university with your Associates degree, you'll have the last laugh.
Do gay men suck penis?
well do they, or is that just a stereotype? they like it?
Don't know a gay man that doesn't like to suck penis P&P :-)
How do you handle men who are gay?
Gay men in particular suck. My feelings are hurt between these two guys.I am feeling really sick right now.Can somebody please help me!
Hmmm...I am guessing that one or both of them was dating you, then came out. Maybe he fooled around on you with another guy? Am I warm here?

I know women love to torture other women with this ridiculous notion that you can be such a bad lay that you can "turn" men gay. There is no truth to this. If your ex came out, then he was almost certainly gay before you ever met him.

That doesn't make it suck any less if you really liked him. Lots of gay guys date girls because society tells them that they are supposed to, that if they just go through the motions, sooner or later, they will like it and be "cured." It sucks for us too. I would forgive him...maybe you guys can still be friends.
Gay Asian really sucks to be us?
Why is it that gay Asian men seem to get screwed over in the dating pool so often? It's like as soon as you say you're Asian, gay men suddenly lose interest in you and assume all these terrible things. I've had guys tell me I must be this or that...all because I'm Asian. I've had great conversations with guys over IM, but as soon as they find out I'm Asian, the conversation comes to a dead-end. People I was planning on going on dates with...or just meeting to chill in the city...all of a sudden say they're busy or tired or something else. It is really depressing. I know we're not perceived as being attractive (especially next to Caucasian men)...but are there any decent gay men who are able to look past that? And I hate all the stereotypes...someone once told me that being an gay Asian guy means you're a feminine queen. The only guys who've been interested seem to be old, desperate losers. It's so offensive. Do gay Asian men have it the worst? Is there any hope for us?
Just be glad you're not one of the old, desperate losers..................................… yet.
Are more and more men really turning gay?
Just curious I mean go gay rights and everything but if it keeps going like that then there will be no men left for us women I really don't want to have to start going out with girls haha. It really would suck if before we knew it sixty percent of men were gay. Surely not all men who are gay today were born that way. What are some reasons you guys think it is though that more and more men are turning gay? I'm really curious I mean not all women are narcistic i'm not unless its that time of month.
It's probably the atrazine; it's an herbicide that's been affecting other mammals behavior and sexuality for the last forty years or so, and just now scientists are starting to think it might be having such an affect on humans...

Or perhaps they are simply being more open. Way back when, it was hide it or die...
GAY MEN: We have enough societal and social challenges, but WHY do we need any SEXUAL challenges(top/bottom)?
As gay men we have to worry about being accepted or being bashed. That's enough already. But as far as sex goes, why wasn't every gay man created to be versatile in bed(both top and bottom). There are so many gay men who are strictly one or the other, therefore, complicating things further. Sure, as gay men, we may not be ATTRACTED to every man we see, but we should at least be able to be sexually compatible with any man.

It sucks. Straight people don't have this problem. Maybe a FEW heterosexuals have some unusual fetishes but for the most part, it's a simple operation: P3nis + V@gina= Sexual Compatibility. Why do you think it's not so simple for gay men? Is this just unfair nature?
straight people do have that problem, maybe not exactly that problem, but plenty of couples fight about doing it in the rear and other similar subjects... and everyone has different preferences
Why does the gay community deem masculine men as most desirable?
I'm extremely feminine and I'm only attracted to feminine men. But everyone seems to want a masculine man. Feminine men want masculine men, masculine men want masculine men and in-between men want masculine men. I get propositioned by masculine guys every now and then, but they're a total turn off to me. Femme guys just don't seem to be into me much and it sucks. Femme are attracted to other femmes in lesbianism, why doesn't it go the same way with gay males?
Its the same reason why masculine men are favored in every other aspect of society. Masculinity has always been favored over femininity since the beginning of time. its an unfortunate and unfair aspect of life. In the world's eyes, masculinity equals strength, power, virility, and protectiveness while femininity equals weakness. Don't get me wrong, i love masculine men (they're yummy! lol) but i just hate how a lot of guys in the community completely dismiss guys who are more on the femme side.
Do all gay men get turned on by penis?
I like women, but i constantly fantasize about guys' butts in basketball shorts. i no im f**ing weird. but yea im not really sure if im gay because i hate penises. i think theyre gross and should be sucked by women ha. so basically im trying to figure out..are there gay men that dont like penis? thanks
There are some, yeah: a few 'top' guys just don't care for dick, but like the rest of a man's body.

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