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Why do guys wear their underwear under there swim suit when they go to the pool?
I've never understood why they do it. I asked my bf and he just smiled and chucked me in the water. Why do you do it?
i've seen that alot because the waist band of the underwear is always exposed. so i'm wondering why would any one wear actual clothes while swimming? isn't that the point of swim-wear???
When I share a room at a camp, the American guys wear their dirty underwear all night instead of pyjamas?
Do American guys sleep in their dirty underwear on at home, too?
Some do but not all. You can't generalize every single American guy.
When I share a room at a camp, the American guys wear their dirty underwear all night instead of pajamas?
Do American guys sleep in their dirty underwear on at home, too?
A prepared professional would have wipes to clean up her customers.

You MUST be an amateur!

What is the price of meat today anyhow?
What do you think about guys wearing underwear under their swim trunks?
I go to the beach every now and then and I see some guys wearing underwear/under armour/boxers under their swim trunks or board shorts. Sometimes I see them sag a little. One time this one guy's shorts were falling halfway down his butt and he didn't realize it. Why do men do that? Are they trying to get noticed or do they think they are supposed to wear them like that? Is this the same principle of women showing their underwear in public?
I think that's kinda wierd... I've done that before but it's only if I'm not gonna swim
Why do guys like sleeping in their underwear what is the best underwear for guys?
I am a 13 year old dude who wants to know y guys like to sleep in their underwear or naked and what is the best underwear for me should I start sleeping in my underwear I u r a guys post how u sleep and what underwear u wear
Because it's comfortable for them. I wear sweats and a shirt.
Why do guys wear their pants around their ankles?
I mean seriously? Girls don't like to look up and have their face in some guys underwear.
Lol Ashley.. I totally agree!
Why do guys rest their hands in their pants/underwear?
Just like, they put their hands in their underwear. Not really IN them all the way but half their hand is in. Why do guys do that? (It's usually when they are just relaxing or whatever).
Omg i know what your talking about
i do all the time lol
have no idea why
it's one of those impossible to answer questions like what is the point of male nipples? lol
Guys and their Underwear?
I have been reading the answers lately, and it seems like their are more women now that are more accepting to guys not wearing underwear. I think they like it more than they say. I have to say that I have never had a compliant. I do think that women find it more attractive if you tend to be younger and fit (not overweight). I think women are also realizing that men tend to be more hygenic when they go without underwear. Underwear is a crutch. We want to keep our clothes clean, too. Jeans and shorts are very comfortable in the world today so I do not feel underwear is a necessity. Look at Abercrombie and Fitch models (even American Eagle), not many of them are wearing underwear anymore. I have to admit it can be sexy.
What's the question?

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