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Whats a good homemade anal toy for men?
whats a good homemade anal toy for men
im 17 and i want some ideas of anal toys :)
no food ideas please
How about a home made candle? P&P :-)
Whats a good homemade anal toy for men?
whats a good homemade anal toy for men
im 17 and i want some ideas of anal toys :)
no food ideas please
Look around the house for items that could easily be inserted into your rectum (All with proper condom coverage): Highlighters, Brush Handles, Candles, Smaller Sturdier Dog Toys etc.

A more vigorous approach could be electric toothbrush handles, or those vibrating razor handles.

Be creative. Most things can be shoved up there.
(Just be sure that they won't either break, snap off, or if you get too into it could shove it too far and lose it.)
Ideas for anal toys (preferably homemade)?
hey guys i'm 16 and so i can buy any anal toys but i want to use something that's safe and easy to make. If anyone has any good ideas it would be vastly appreciated
A nice big cucumber. But then mom might find it and make a salad with it after you used it in your tossed salad.

Do remember, if you lose it, you may need to go to an ER to have it removed. That could prove interesting as well.
any ideas for homemade sex toys for anal use only
Candles, carrots, parsnips, brush handles, there are loads of things.
Just make sure that if it's wood that it hasn't any splinters, and that you can clean it afterwards.
Use plenty of lube, and you should be OK.

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