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Who was the hot black chick who performed during the pro bowl half time show?

Yet another shi-t-t-y halftime show produced by the NFL. BUT who was the smoking hot black chick who performed with that tool of a guy?

She is DAMN HOT! The things I would do to her...

But who is that? Thanks!
How can a typical white guy get himself a hot black chick?
I feel like a black chick for a change.
JUST ASK!!!!!!!
I know me (and about seven of my friends) would be MORE than willing!!!!!
This really smoking hot black chick wants to be my girlfriend do you have any advice?
im a white male some how attracted this fine black chick to me shes like a goddess.what should i talk to her about what should i say?how should i act?i just want some advice.
just be yourself. don't let race get into it at all, as some people find this offensive. just be yourself. don't be cocky. it comes across as arrogant. just be calm, cool and collected. also, don't be scared of saying "I like you. I like you a lot." don't talk about previous relationships. just act focused on her. focus all of your attention on her. Hope I helped.
When a black chick is hot she is HOT!?
I think some black chicks are so good looking like her, I think she is the best looking woman alive!

or her

But why don't most black girls look anything like those two? Most of them look like this.

If I ever met a black chick who looked like those two hot ones I swear I would marry her right then given that she didn't have an attitude problem to go along with it. Cause it gets no better than a hot black chick in my book. Don't know why just got a thing for rarities. Where can I find a chick like that?
Shallow, much?
There is this hot black chick that I wanted to ask out (I am white)?
But a friend of mine who is black said that her family would start asking me for money if we ever got serious and married. Is this true or a load of crap?
I would say the latter.
Have you ever seen a hot chick with an average looking black guy?
You know that's a much greater feat than a white guy with a hot chick.
Seems like women are a lot more picky when it comes to black guys.
I sure have.

Who is the hot black chick on espn?
She's on sportscenter sometimes.
Serina williams
In YOUR opinion, how would you describe a "HOT" black chick?
Inspired by the creative discussion I was a part of today :) lol

Popular Responses From Today: The "ethiopian" look, the ones that look more blasian, and the black-hispanic mix.

My opinion: I cant put a country/mix to it. My opinion of a "hot" black chick varies from female to female

(no homo..Im straighter than a stick..but i have no issues discussing beauty)
Personally I think women who are beautiful are ones that take great care of themselves. Who show off their features and who are humble, sweet, funny and if they have the brains for it witty. Because I'm black woman I'm a little bias on the hair issue. I like natural hair, real human hair of course looks good but I think its false advertisement if it doesn't come from you naturally though. Scientist say we tend to like people who have baby faces. Big eyes, small nose, and full cheeks. I think larger noses, high cheek bones, and almond eyes can be just as if not more beautiful. Black women with kinky hair need to come back in style :p
I recently been dating a hot black chick she been calling me boo?
just was wondering what nick name means
She thinks shes a ghost and is trying to scare you. next time she says "boo" just scream and she will stop calling you boo.

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