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What's a clever name for a sexy lingerie/costume party?
We are throwing my friend Sophia's a birthday party with a costume/ lingerie theme. What is a clever name for the invites? something sexy, funny, clever...

"Double Trouble". Muahaha.

Okay, that was evil. Panty Raid?
Where to buy sexy costumes & lingerie in my size or measurements?
I'm looking for a store that sells cute/sexy lingerie and costumes like LoversLane in my size or one that makes them custom from my measurements. My hips are 42" My waist is 24/25" and my bra size is 30 G.
from victoria secret outlet
What sexy costume should I wear to a Halloween party ?
I'm gonna go to a Halloween party this month and need to start figuring out something sexy to wear. I was thinking that I should buy a costume from the store I buy my sexy lingerie from , they also sell sexy Halloween costumes there but I don't know what to wear. I love cats so maybe I could be a sexy cat but I want some opinions.

The reason why I ask is because there's a prize for best dressed at the party and I love competing.
I think you should either be a
French Maid
Little Red Riding Hood
Super Hero
Mad Hatter
Alice in Wonderland
School Girl
Baseball Player

All of these suggestions are for sexy costumes

Most of These you can find at
or just type in
Sexy Halloween Costumes for teens

or just

Look up sexy adult costumes but check the sizes.

I hope you find something good............
I just got a new lingerie stewardess costume and I have no idea how to present it?? Please any help!!!?
I just got the cutest/sexiest lingerie costume, it's a victorias secret stewardess, but when I wear it, I feel that im going to look awkward in front of my husband, what can I say/do to bring it on, I feel I would look stupid just walking out randomly wearing it.. how could I make it spontaneous and sexy at the same time and not corny :) thanks!
I love doing this! What helped me the first time was to show it to a friend, not wearing it just the outfit itself, and they encouraged me! If you trust someone wear it around them first and see what they say (like a GF) or wear it around the house and get used to the way you feel in it, you'd be surprised how much this calms your anxiety of wearing it for someone and makes you a lil horny at the same time ;) All in all he will probably be to shocked and turned on to care IF you pop out in it randomly! There are so many fun ways to present it! Have fun!
Who knows where the Girls Next Door got their costumes or where to get classy lingerie costumes?
I'm tired of the skanky legs avenue-esque costumes every girl has. I want something more decadent and classy than fake leather and cotton. So I guess what I'm looking for is an upscale sexy lingerie boutique/costume website similar to the kind of costumes Holly and Bridget wear
Try, they have so many cute lingerie costumes:…

This sailor one is my fav!…
Do u like to wear sexy costumes and lingerie? HELP A STUDENT GET AN A+ =D?

Hi Need help with finding my target customer for my Lingerie boutique, if you don't mind helping a college student get an A+ on her final then fill out this survey for meh =D. the survey requirements You must be between the ages of 25-35 (bUT IF YOU LIKE TO TAKE THE SURVEY AND YOUR NOT BETWEEN THESE AGES JUST PUT YOUR AGE DOWN FOR ME =), must be female, any body type and if you would like you can i even put your opinions or ideas on what you would like to see at a lingerie boutique.

1) What is your age group?

2) Do you like to wear lingerie?
a) Yes
b) No

3) What type of lingerie would you prefer?
a) Sexy/Over Exposed
b) Sexy/Cute/Playful/Mature
c) Mature/Elegant/Sophisticated
d) Sexy/Elegant/Sophisticated
e) Other

4) Do you think lingerie or sexy costumes are important for special occasions (Ex. Honeymoon, Valentines, Birthday, Halloween...etc)
a) No
b) Sometimes/Maybe
c) Very Important

5) How much lingerie garments or sexy costumes do you own?
a) 0
b) 1-5
c) 6-10
d) 11+

6) How often do you wear lingerie?
a) On Special Occasional (Ex. Honeymoon, Valentines, Birthday, Halloween...etc)
b) Everyday
c) Once A Month (Ex. Not For Honeymoon, Valentines, Birthday, Halloween...etc)
d) Once A Yearly (Ex. Not for Honeymoon, Valentines, Birthday, Halloween...etc)
e) Never

7. How do you feel about getting custom made Bra, Undewear ,Lingerie ,Costumes?
a) Don’t Care
b)Hate it
c)Love it
d) To expensive
e)Other (Your reason here)
1) What is your age group?

2) Do you like to wear lingerie?
a) Yes

3) What type of lingerie would you prefer?
e) Other

4) Do you think lingerie or sexy costumes are important for special occasions (Ex. Honeymoon, Valentines, Birthday, Halloween...etc)
c) Very Important

5) How much lingerie garments or sexy costumes do you own?
b) 1-5

6) How often do you wear lingerie?
a) On Special Occasional (Ex. Honeymoon, Valentines, Birthday, Halloween...etc)

7. How do you feel about getting custom made Bra, Undewear ,Lingerie ,Costumes?
d) To expensive

I'll give you some links of the kinds of lingerie I really like....………………

Hope this helps! :)
Going to a costume party, sexy costume ideas?
On April 30 some friends of mine are throwing a "Half Halloween" party. It is a Halloween themed party on the half way point between Halloween 09 and 10. There will be alot of people there. I am trying to come up with a costume but i cant decide. I have a little bit of money to spend if needed.

I want something sexy but not just lingerie... All the people at the party will be 18-24 and pretty much whatever goes. Does anyone have some suggestions on a costume?
Try this website tons of sexy costumes to choose from, good luck!…
Cheap sexy lingerie, costumes, roleplay?
Where can i buy these that are cheap and ONLINE please! Somewhere that gives lots of choices-please do not say ebay or victorian secrets! Thanks
Lingerie Diva has beautiful, affordable lingerie and sexy costumes online. Sign up for their newsletter and receive even more coupon codes and discounts!
Best Place to buy lingerie, sexy adult costumes?
and adult products, movies, condoms and oils. I am looking for a place online that has great shipping or free shipping over a certain amount, great prices. And has secure place to purchase. I would like to shop at a place online that sell everything listed and more. I have no idea where to start or what sites are trustworthy. Am not interested in Vsecret or FHollywood. I have already check out their sites and I did not like anything they had to offer. Any suggestions would help thanks
Ok, so I read your question right after posting it and starred it, because I would love to know more about this topic, but I see there are not many answers yet... So I will try to help you with the only site I know a little more - it is a reliable service offering pinup girl clothing -including lingerie and costumes. I really love retro and vintage clothing, and this site helped a lot, I enjoy just even browsing it, so here you are

I hope it will help, wish you good luck and some more answers ;)
What are some ideas for a sexy halloween costume?
I don't want to wear the typical lingerie + some kind of animal ears "slutty costume", but something different that not everyone sees at halloween.....

I've been a sexy magician once, with the short shorts, tail coat, top hat and fish net stockings before and I really liked it cause my boobs weren't hanging out but it was still something like that?
Check out They have some really cute and sexy costumes! Here are some of my favorites:………

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