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What is the name of the movie where the master has sex with the slave. It's not Mandingo I am talking about?
I am not sure the name of this movie. It is about slave owners who have sex with their slaves. I am absolutely sure that the movie I am looking for is not "Mandingo." There is is a scene where a male and female slave are tied up in a barn. A male and female slave master have their way with them and then with each other. What is this movie? Or is it an early porno? I need this for some historical research. Thanks.
Haha, your sure this is a *motion picture*

It really does sound like a porn film.

It could be something like Hostel, those movies are sick though :(
Does anyone know where I can find a story about a slave and her master cut off her ear?
The slave master cut off her ear and she poisoned him and his family. Its a true story.

I saw it on a show about haunted places. And I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could read more about it.
The Myrtles plantation. The slave's name was Chloe. It's said she only meant to make the family sick, but she ended up killing the wife and two little girls. She was hung on the plantation.

Here's a link with something about it:…
Can someone explain to me the Slave/Master drive settings for an internal cd/dvd drive?
I just purchased a new CD/DVD drive for my desktop. But I do not understand the slave/master drive settings and I don't want to install it wrong. Help?
Master is your primary (i.e. what you want the computer to try to boot first), and Slave is your secondary, tertiary, etc. (i.e. what you want the computer to try to boot if your Master doesn't work).
Can anyone tell me about the master and slave relations during the plantation era?
im doing a seminar and i need to find out about the master slave relations during that time period in america. it would be really cool if you can suggest any books as well. anything would be helpful because i need to look at this subject from all angles. please make any suggestions if you can. thank you ( =…
How can i configue /set my computer jumpa/ slave/master on the CD rom,diskettand hardisk?
How can i configue /set my computer jumpa/ slave/master on the CD rom,diskettand hardisk?
You don't need to do this unless you have multiple hard disks or drives on one cable. The jumpers are usualy on the back of the drive, a plastic piece covering two pins. Depending which pins are covered, tells the computer which setting to use, you need to check the direction for each drive to find the proper setting.
How do I connect a dvd-rom drive along with multiple hard drives in a master/slave configuration?
I just bought a new motherboard that has only 1 IDE port, but my old hard drives and DVD-ROM are all IDE. Can I connect my DVD-ROM plus two other hard drives in a master/slave configuration? If so, how?
well you will only be able to connect two devices to your mobo with the IDE cable. You can buy a little adapter that plugs into a SATA port and then has an IDE on the backside. Had to do that for my dad's pc.…

thats what you need basically. Or buy new drives.
How do you install 2 hard drives using Serial ATA. Can they be set to Master\slave? What's the best way?
I tried to install a 2nd serial ata drive and everything went well until I rebooted. I got nothing but a black screen with a flashing cursor. I had to disconnect it. I don't see a way to set up master/slave with these kind of drives and I don't want to damage my PC in the process of doing this. Any suggestions?
There is no Master or Slave concept that I know of in SATA. You hook up one device per port. You might want your boot drive in the lowest port number (port 0 on some motherboards; port 1 on others), but other than that, you shouldn't have a problem.

What happens if you only have the new SATA drive connected? It won't boot if there's no OS on it of course, but does it get to the point of complaining it didn't find an OS?

Do you need to go into the BIOS to enable more SATA ports?

Is there an operating system on the 2nd (new) disk? If there is/was, you might want to download Darik's Boot and Nuke from . Disconnect your current boot drive before using DBAN. If you don't, it will be erased as well. REPEAT: Disconnect your current boot drive before using DBAN.

Other things that come to mind. Is your motherboard SATA 3.0 Gb (a.k.a. SATA II) compatible or only SATA 1.5? If it only supports 1.5 Gb, is the 1.5 Gb limiting jumper installed on the new SATA drive. (It's the only jumper I've used with SATA drives.)

Failing any of the above, if this is really a new disk - as in you just took it out of the box - you may have gotten a bad one.
I replaced clutch slave, master slave and bled system, yet still have pressure loss?
I replaced clutch slave cylinder and clutch master both on a 1987 toyota corolla fx, but I still have clutch pedal pressure loss. I bled the system several times and the pedal hardens, however, when I drive for a little while, the pressure loss returns. What else could cause this?
did the fluid level drop? if so you have a leak in the system. if not, you still have air in the system or something was installed incorrectly or with a bad part.
How much will a slave or master cylinder cost to get fixed on a 1993 Honda Accord??
Clutch pedal stays down when I step on it. Can't change gears when that happens. I was told that it may be the slave or master cylinder!
£600 quid approx, my dad specialises in these parts.
How do you load an operating system off of the slave and master drive?
Well I have two hard drives and they both have an operating system on them. I really want to be able to use both. How can I boot from my slave drive and not just from my master hard drive. I was hoping that I can use a floppy disk to redirect the boot to the slave drive. I just don't know. If you know how to do this please(in not so technical form) post here.

Thanks in advance.
You should get a screen before you boot that allows you to choose which OS to boot from. If not, you have to set the "Time to display list of OS" to something more than 0. To do this, go to System > system properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery - settings; there you will be able to change the settings.

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