teenage girls wearing thongs
but as you can imagine it didnt always work out that way which is why some of the girls are wearing raincoats for protection

Brandi Belle
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Do teenage girls like wearing thongs? Do they like seeing guys in a banana hammocks?
I have a lot of friends who have them, do they like them? Also, do they like seeing guys in them? I'm curious
No, I definitely don't. I think it looks desperate and makes me think they're a player. It makes me wanna keep well away from them.
What's the big deal about teenage girls wearing thongs?
I am 14 and I wear one. I don't wear one to turn anybody on. Most all of my friends wear them too but we all wear them for the same reason. So you don't see underwear lines!!!!!! I have been wearing the since I was 13. I have a bit of a butt so my undie lines can be s little bit more noticable. I am a freshman in highschool and my thong has never been hanging out in Any way! I'm not dumb I no that guys stare at my butt all the time cause they always tell me I have a nice one and it's a little embarrassing to have underwear lines with shorts or sweatpants on. So what's the big deal?!
That's mostly older people who think its wrong , I've been wearing them for a long time and I've never had anyone to make a deal out of it other than people that hate on me hahaha but don't worry about if people are making a deal out of it because its none of their business

London Babe
Do you think its innapropriate for teenage girls to wear thongs?
I'm 14, and i was thinking about starting to wear thongs because it seems like a lot of my friends do, and they seem helpful. I figure skate so i wear form fitting clothes and i hate panty lines, and i got a pair of new spandex shorts. Do you think thats appropriate?
I started wearing thongs when I was fourteen, because I know I'm not the type to go around showing it.
I find them much more comfortable actually.
And if it's to hide pantie lines, then that's totally fine, if it's so you feel more confident. (:
How common is it for teenage girls to wear thongs?do you think it's whorey?
I do & I know four girls that do,I know a lot more do but I generally don't ask people in person what kind of underwear they wear.what's the starting age,you think?
It's very common for teen girls to wear thongs. It's not whorey (is that a word) unless you intentionally show its. In fact when it peaks out a little when you bend over or squat down it is actually kind of cute and shows that the girl has a sexy side. I think a girl no younger than 15 sure where them. Always do what you want to do and what makes you feel comfortable :-)
Is it uncommon for a teenage girl to NOT wear thongs?
I ask because it seems that all teenage girls wear thongs now. I don't wear briefs-- they are too big and tall etc (you know what i mean) I think bikini ones are really comfortable and I dont want to wear a thong... Am I weird? Am I the only one? Uncomfortable question but it is really bothering me...
I dont like thongs or g-strings. I only wear them with dresses.

Stick with bikinis.

Once I got my period with a g-string it was NASTY!!
Is it normal for a teenage guy to wear thongs? Teenage girls or guy please help!?
I am a 14 year old straight teenage guy. And I have a problem when I wear boxer or boxer briefs the are so uncomfortable and give me wedgies all the time! It feels like torture to me. And when I wear skinny jeans which is most of the time they roll up, give me wedgies, and uncomforted me all the way around. Even if I wear athletic shorts, plaid shorts, or even baggie jeans ( which I do not prefer) it's still the same discomfort. Some people suggested thongs which I didn't even consider until I tried going commando. Which I found just as discomforting. Because I have had very bad times with a zipper( you know what I mean) and some skinny jeans I have don't have a zipper just some buttons but they hurt just the same! So I think I might start to wear some thongs and girls panties. I have looked in every store for man thongs which was a failure and a teenage guy online said women's are the way to go because they are always more comfortable and easier to find. Also if I was going to get guy ones which I need my mom credit card for!( no father if your wandering) And my mom would never let me she would kill me if I asked she would think I'm gay or somethings wrong with me. And I know I'm not a cross dresser or gay. And I'm planning on walking to the mall with my friend on friday and then going to the dance so I was thinking about getting them then. Any suggestion or advise? Girls what do you think I should do........... What's your honest opinion on the matter and what would you say to me or do in my situation. Guys if you have been in this situation tell me what you did or what your friend did. Also everyone what should I do if someone sees me at school wearing them. And yes I do believe I will use them if I get them for everyday use. And if you girl or guys want to post a link to Victoria's Secret, Hot Topic, or another store site with some cute, hot, sexy, or thongs you think I should get feel free!
if you dont like getting wedgies from boxers, then what good is having a string permanently up your *** going to do you?

anywho...i really dont give a damn what you wear because it is your life after all and i am probably never going to see your underwear anyway....but for the love of cake, please do not turn into one of those people who just asks the same question 50million times on here. there are already enough trolls asking this question, and even though i truly do not care what kind of underwear you wear, the more trolls there are on here asking questions like this, the harder it gets to take anyone seriously.

so wear what you want dude, just dont ask about it on yahoo more than once or twice, or you are just going to attract all sorts of unwanted attention

EDIT: i really dont get why some of you are so up in arms over this. 99.9% of the world is never going to see his underwear anyway, so why does it really matter? i dont give a damn, the only thing i DO give a damn about is how many trolls use this exact same question just to see what kind of silly responses they get
Why do teenage girls wear thongs,now my dog chews them up haha,i have 3 girls and they all wear thongs.?
and dont say your daughter doesnt because they all do they hide them out side or at a friends house i know this because thats what my daughters used to do.
cause teen-aged girls like to wear cute clothes, not long ugly skirts like back in the day. Thongs makes it impossible to see a pantie line. The pantie line shows how big your butt really is. and No Teen-aged girl wants that!!

And dogs chew all under ware, no matter what they are.

PS. inform that boy shorts do the same as a thong, only cuter.
What is the most popular type of panties tht teenage girls wear?
i wear thongs and g strings i just wonder what other girls wear
Is it ok for a teenage guy to wear thongs?
I'm 16 and straight but I've worn girls thongs before and found them comfortable. Is it alright for me to wear them on a regular basis? If so, where would be a good place to get them from? Also, how can I avoid awkwardness while buying them?
I am a straight male and I only wear women's thongs and strings as underwear as they are much more comfy than the men's types. Besides they come in a wide variety of fabric, shapes and colours too.
You will need to get over the awkward feeling when buying girls' thongs for yourself. I've been buying and wearing them for the past 8 or so years and now I go in to lingerie stores/ malls and buy thongs/strings without batting an eyelid. It is just another purchase. It is underwear after all and you should wear what you feel comfortable wearing.
That said, not all girls' thongs are suited for us males due to obvious differences in the anatomical fit. You'll need to touch the garment, stretch (especially at the front to see if it stretches enough to accommodate your goods) and then decide. After a few trial and errors you will get a feeling as to what type of thongs you should look for.
The ones who say 'Eww.. you are so gay' need to the heck. I am 100% straight and I wear women's thongs. I like them better than men's thongs. It is that simple. So there.

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