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Teenage lesbian?
I've always had crushes on boys, never girls. I would absolutely hate to be a lesbian (no offense) just my opinion. Also, It is drinving me crazy thinking that I am a lesbian Is it usual for me to think this. I am 15 by the way.
You sound a little bi-confused.
What are some good teenage lesbian movies?
I'm looking for teenage lesbian movies, or movies about feminists made from 1990-2010. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Its my mission in life to find good lesbian movies, teenage because I can connect with the characters the best.

These are in order from my favorites, starting with...

Lost and Delirious- This is about a young teenage girl (Micha Barton) going to a all girls boarding school and finding out that her roomates are together. It is powerful, beautiful and deeply heart rendering. I loved this movie.

Boys Don't Cry- Amazing and powerful movie about a girl who lives in a particularly rural area and sees her self as a boy. She dresses and acts like one and runs away from home, ending up in a house with some acquired friends and falling in love with a girl. This was an amazing portrayal of trans-gender issues as well as the rights for the GLBT.

Imagine me and You- Not the greatest, but cute little european film.

Tipping the velvet- Historical film based

But Im a cheerleader

The amazingly true adventure of two girls in love

the truth about jane


South of Nowhere- based on two girls who are together and how they end up together, and their struggles. Teenage, and cute. Plus, the girls are soooo hot:)

The L word- Obvious choice, and sooo hot. Doesnt matter if they arent super young. They are sexy... :)

Anyone but me, cute web series on youtube, about lesbian teens
How does a teenage lesbian get a girlfriend?
I've been looking, I want to be romantically involved with someone. But all there is is the "I want attention" bisexual women =/.
Call me when you've found your lesbian partner..
What are some good teenage lesbian romance novels?
I'm looking for realistic stories that include mature subject matter. Nothing cheesy. No sugarcoating. Preferably something with a witty or cynical tone and the main characters in their mid-teens to early 20's (I'm 18 so I need to be able to relate). If you have any suggestions similar to this description, please let me know. Thanks.
Annie on my mind, That was the first lesbian book I ever read
What are some good lesbian teenage dating sites?
"Teenagers have no place in dating sites" and "There are creepers out there" are not acceptable answers. If you were planning on saying something to that effect, go tell someone else other than me.

Anyway... I'm looking for a website to find a girl around my age (15-18) who lives in my area. I have no idea how to meet girls in my town by any other method. It's like impossible to tell who's a lesbian, let alone to go up and talk to some stranger.

Any sites would be appriciated.
www.whatscene.com is based towards teenagers, and the owners are very strict about pervs being on the site. So 9.99/10 the person on the other side is real.

I would not suggest meeting someone offline tho, but never the less its one of the best places I guess.
What are some good teenage lesbian books?
The only one I know of is truth, dare or promise. what are some others ?
I recommend wives of bath..
you can also find a lot here.
What is a good way to meet other teenage lesbian/bisexual girls?
i'm 16 years old, looking for a teenage girlfriend. any help is much appreciated :)
I'm 17 and I've been very successful in meeting girls! :)

1. Find a local hangout for LGBTQ youth. Most major cities have something nearby.
2. If it's safe, be more open at school. Wear a rainbow bracelet or speak up about your opinion on gay rights. More girls will take notice and let you know they're gay if they know you are.
3. Check online (but make sure you're staying safe!!). Most sites (like OKCupid) are only 18+, but you can search Myspace or Facebook for girls who live in your city and send them a message.
Songs about being a teenage lesbian?
Are their any songs out there about being a teenage lesbian please don't say i kissed a girl by kate perry.
Jill Sobule - I Kissed A Girl

You need a theme song?

Are you going to pay a guy to follow you around and play it when you enter rooms?

I left you a link of the video
Is it strange that a teenage lesbian stares at me?
she will turn around to look at me, and has been for like 6 months, i really like her, but it is a
"lesbian" (sorry if this is offense) thing that you stare at someone everytime you see them, which is like 3 or 4 times a day. i have never talked to her, and please don't say talk to her.
no it's not a lesbian thing every human does it if he/she likes someone
when she looks at you again smile at her and leave little hints to let her know that you like her

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